Good disposable adult bibs

​You will see disposable adult bibs in every hospital, used routinely to help prevent stains and messes on the wearer without constricting nor getting in the way. You'll often see them at the dentist as well for the same purpose, to prevent patients from getting their clothes ruined by spillage and whatnot. They usually come in two forms, with neck ties or with adhesive tapes with each one bringing their own set of benefits. The neck ties are generally best used for patients that might be fidgety or unable to keep still with the said tie helping hold the disposable adult bibs in place. The adhesive tape bibs on the other hand are more flexible and easily applied while preventing a mess from happening on the patient's clothes. Generally, clinics have both kinds of bibs, using whichever fits the best with the current patient.

Disposable hygiene products

Naturally, disposable adult bibs are not the only item you'll find to help with hygiene and keeping patients clean within hospitals which is bought from manufacturers such as Finess Hygiene. The company focuses on making a broad range of disposable hygiene products such as bibs, sheets, wipes and laminates. But even though it's mostly places like clinics and nursing homes that use these types of products they are for the most part available for purchase for the general public as well, albeit mainly from stores rather than directly from a manufacturer. So if you have a need of disposable hygiene products, there's plenty of places that you can purchase them from.