Stainless steel bathtub in hospitals

Keeping yourself clean is important for many reasons, one of them of course being your health and partly hence it's important to have some way of getting yourself clean, especially when you're hurt or sick. This is the reason why hospitals generally use a stainless steel bathtub that are made specifically to make it easier to clean patients whom have trouble moving themselves on their own. Of course, these aren't available to just hospitals and it's common for people with physical handicap of different sorts to have them installed in their homes as well to make it easier for both themselves and their caretakers to handle their hygiene.

The stainless steel helps giving the bathtub a long lifetime over and above of helping keeping it more hygienic and it´s a good choice to assist with burn treatment. Bathtubs like the ones from TR Equipment also tend to have plenty of functions which are not found on normal bathtubs.

The various functio​​​​​ns

The first difference that you'll notice between an ordinary bathtub and the ones from TR Equipment is the shaping of the tub, they are made with more space around the upper body so that people assisting the person bathing have it easier to reach around during the bath. There's also height adjustment to help ease the burden of the attendant and there's also an autofill function that helps to quickly fill up the bath.

There are also controls that are easy to understand along with a thermometer to ensure that the temperature is just right for the person taking the bath. These stainless steel bathtubs have helped many patients and people with disabilities to become clean and they also facilitate for care providers and nurses.​